Saturday, June 5

Tribute to Mom

Our Mom passed away on May 11. It truly was a difficult time for us all, but thankfully, we each got to say goodbye.

I have always known that scrapbooking has helped me maintain my balance between work, family, play.... We joke around about it being our "therapy" and how it is much cheaper than paying a professional. In all honesty though, I think we really do believe it. Scrapbooking or other creative outlets can help heal. It can help us get through the tough emotional times.

I decided my kit that I shared awhile back would be a perfect little book to celebrate my Mom. I found some photos of her that I already had on hand to use, and tried to show her many aspects.
I do love the "morph" of Maxine into Mom - it's perfect (thanks to my sister Karen for sharing this a number of years ago). There is even a pocket for some hidden journaling. Consider if you want to keep it private or share it when working on a book like this.

A photo of her with her grandsons was perfect - we loved "Grandma Dot". Of course I had to find a tea photo or two - we enjoyed going out for tea together. A couple of photos of Mom and Dad, and I could not resist the one of Mom on the motorcycle with my son Ben. Many people described our Mom as "quiet", but there certainly was this fun side to her!

I now have this small, portable book of memories I can carry with me in my bag if I want. Creating this mini book helped me to focus on the wonderful times we shared. Consider scrapbooking when you are faced with difficult times - it just may help you too.


  1. Beautiful story! I agree that Art Heals! What a gorgeous tribute to such a special and wonderful woman!

  2. Thank you for sharing! This is such a beautiful tribute to your mom.


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