Wednesday, June 30

Wild West Hoedown Crop

Last weekend was another crop at Captured Moments. Here's Lynda – a cowgirl with her “gun”, ready to scrap and have fun!! Howdy pardner!

Tracy – at the wheel, spinning for a prize!

Tara, putting the final touches on our delicious lunch.

Here’s a photo of the salad these sisters made – chicken, apples, craisins, nuts, lettuce, etc – Yum-O! They sure know how to lay out a spread! Of course, since it was a wild west theme, we had lots of beans!!

Tiffany, putting out the Cowboy Caviar (corn, beans, salsa, avocado…), homemade cornbread, soup, ambrosia, brownies…

Really, how can you go wrong at one of their crops? The food is wonderful, and the company divine! And, if you want it, 15 whole hours of uninterrupted creative time.

edited: posted by Maura


  1. Maura,

    Looks like another GREAT crop you went to! Hats off to Tara and Tiffany (and family) for all their hard work month after month. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Maura and Sheila for your post and wonderful comments! I need to link your posts directly into our blog... our crops never seem to make it on the blog and I don't know why! Tiffany and I always say "We have to get pictures and post this on our blog!!" But we get so busy, the day just passes us by in a flash! Thank you again, we love hosting these crops!!

  3. Hi Tara - it's actually Maura here... thanks for your comments! I have so much fun at the crops, and I know how busy you two get, keeping all of us happy! Now that you have a "store" camera, you should be all set.

    Ok, Sheila here now...please put your recipes up on the blog....or email them to us, and we will put them up here for you. Then all you have to do is link to it! :)


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