Thursday, July 1

The Bottom of the Pile

Reference back to last summer….I put up a post about going through all of my old magazines. The photo showed the stacks reaching to the roof of my house!

Well, they really didn’t, but it felt like that – it was just the camera angle. I am FINALLY at the bottom of the pile, and will be sharing my last stack with my fellow scrapbookers/stampers.

I find it hard to believe that it took me almost a year to get through all of them. Now, I have to finish sorting out the pictures and articles I clipped. At the end of this project, I feel like I have a wonderful creative reference that I can use when I get stumped for ideas. So, the moral of the story, in the end, is to take the ideas out of the magazines as I go, and not pile up another 10 years worth!

edited: posted by Maura

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  1. Maura,

    Hoping one day I might get to look through your creative reference for ideas! Great job organizing all of this.


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