Saturday, July 17

Hello Again!!

I have to say, it is really hard to add to a blog when your computer doesn't let you! I am borrowing one for the moment. A HUGE shout out to Sheila for keeping the blog rolling!!! Thank you sister!! I am hoping to be back full time by the end of this month.

Sheila and I had a fun day shopping for you "mystery shoppers" while I was in Ohio recently. Her husband was helping us out towards the end, and I really think he would have rather been back at the hardware store. (guess that is what happens when guys shop too quickly...)

It has been HOT this summer! What are you doing to beat the heat? I have been driving around in the air conditioned car, turning the AC on in the house more than usual, drinking lots of cold sun tea, listening to some cool live music around town, and trying to get to my crafting! I plan to find a cool spot to work over the weekend, and get the scrapbook done for a conference next week.

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  1. Yea! What a nice surprise to see you when I opened the blog this morning! Welcome back (for the time being) and I think we need a celebration when you finally get your computer issues settled!


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