Thursday, October 7

Printer Trays

I've said in the past that I love printer's trays. I posted about how I turned one of mine into stamp storage and I have another one that will eventually be turned into a display tray.
 Archiver's recently had a Wall Art Contest with the entries displayed at their recent Scrapfest event at the Mall of America. They had entries from each of their 44 stores and attendees voted on their favorites. Here are some of mine:
Bonnie N, Zionsville, IN
Donna S., Memphis, TN
Kim D.-K., Georgetown, TX
Renata L.,Woodridge, IL
And HERE are all the entries.

Lots of inspiration for these printer's trays that are available from 7Gyspies. They have various sizes, colors, configurations of spaces and even accessories. If you decide to alter one for yourself, please share!

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