Tuesday, March 29

PJ Crop at Captured Moments

 A few photos to share with all of you - a LOT of fun at the PJ crop yesterday!!  Not only did we crop, but we also sang karaoke to earn tickets to win prizes.  Even after the prizes were won, some of us kept right on singing.  Great idea and loads of fun!!  Erica and Liz are belting out a favorite....hmmm....American Idol??
 Sisters, Tiffany and Tara couldn't keep a straight face during their performance....so ...we all laughed right along with them.
And of course, no crop is complete at Captured Moments without the food!! Now this is cupcake perfection!!!


  1. Now that looks like a FUN crop! Hmmm...wonder how much work got done at this one?

  2. Well...perhaps not as much as at others....but we had fun!!


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