Wednesday, March 30

PJ Crop - Part 2

I wear my heart on my sleeve.....for a good cause. While working away at the crop this weekend, I couldn't locate this piece - look where it ended up.  Made for a perfect shot.
 This is the Bo Bunny project using the "Gabrielle" paper line, that I put together as a donation for the Crop 'N Care for ovarian cancer research that is coming up in April in Albany.


  1. Maura,

    I love your donation piece...lots of wonderful details just set it apart. It really is a piece of art and for such a good cause. Great job!

  2. Thanks! I think someone special will like it, Fun project to make.

  3. I love that! Is it on a canvas?

  4. Actually the papers are adhered to a piece of press board - very durable. It's a fun project to put together.


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