Wednesday, April 13

Altering Items

I had seen little altered gum boxes somewhere online and the last time I was in the check out lane, I threw a couple in my order to try my hand at it. There are lots of different shapes and sizes available and here is what I started with.
I just carefully took the box apart so that it laid flat and then measured the various panels, cut patterned paper and adhered it into place to end up with this.
I cut some tags that fit inside the little box and embellished with leftover scraps. I added an eyelet on the tags but will leave them off on future boxes-it adds too much bulk and I'd rather have a few more tags fit inside.
I forgot to take a photo but before you adhere the box back into shape, I punched two holes in the left hand side panel, added eyelets for strength and threaded the twine through the tags and then the holes and tied a knot in order to keep the tags attached. I used a velcro dot as my closure but a magnet would work as well.
This was my first attempt. I have a few more gum boxes to still play with. It was inexpensive, quick and easy---throw a box or two in your cart next time.

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  1. Adorable! so you just got the gum to figure out the box shape right? I love your choice of papers!


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