Thursday, April 14

Online Magazine-limited time free trial

I have not had the time to really check out this online magazine, but I did take advantage of their 45 day free trial and plan to do so. But I wanted to share the link in case some of our readers were interested. I am sure there is lots to discover.

Scrap n' Art Magazine is launching their brand new online format. According to their website, their "passion is to connect you, the consumer, with the products, companies and artists in the industry to help inspire you to preserve your memories and create art."

Visit today and try it out for yourself. All subscribers receive a 45 day trial absolutely FREE. Use code: ss1mo. You will need to register, then use the code to add your subscription to your account.  Here's a look at their April issue.

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  1. Great find! I am trying it out - the Steampunk caught my eye!!


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