Sunday, April 3

Spring Envelope Book

Class members:  I wanted to post some visuals of each page and some of the details for the inserts and flaps in case you need to refer to them to finish your book.
Other blog viewers may just find some inspiration here - enjoy!

On a personal note, this line probably would not have been my first choice to work with, but after making the book, I really like the look of it.  The lesson I learned is that sometimes it is good to go outside of my comfort zone and choose something different.  Try it yourself, you might be surprised!
I think the envelope book is perfect for garden photos, children's stories, or a sweet baby book.

I was having some problems with the photos coming up.  Hopefully, I have fixed the issue.  Apologies to any class members trying to access this.


  1. Maura
    It was a great class. Love my book. Just wanted to let you know...I do not get any pics on the site. Just bars(like a bold line, where I think pics are supposed to be...if that makes sense. Thought it might be helpful to know for those looking for them. <3 Again, Thanks it was awesome !!!

  2. Thanks for alerting us Nancy - hopefully it's fixed. Glad you love your book!

  3. Looks great:) Love it !!!


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