Saturday, April 2

Tea for two

I made this little tea bag holder just because I wanted a cute little gift. I'm not sure if all teabags are the same size, but the measurements can easily be adapted.

Cut two pieces of patterned paper--one measures 6 1/2" x 3 1/2" for the outside cover and one measures 6 1/2" x 6" for the inside pocket.
Score the cover piece at 3" and 3 1/2".
Make sure your inside piece is on the 6" long side and score at 2 3/4" and 3 1/4".
Now rotate it so that it is on the 6 1/2" long side and score at 1/2" and 3 1/2".
Crease all your score lines with your bone folder. Glue the 1/2" flap down to close the pocket. Use a circle punch to punch out openings for the tea bags.
Adhere just the center spine to the cover. 
You can add stamped images to the inside if you want or even add a cute quote about tea. Also, you can easily add a ribbon closure. Enjoy!


  1. Sheila, what a nice gift to invite a friend to tea, or give to a neighbor or co-worker. Something relaxing and soothing.

  2. Love it Sheila! This just might have to be a class project some month. You never cease to amaze me.


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