Wednesday, May 4

Answer...and the Next Question (NSD)

OK, Maura's question for me is...if the scrapbook genie came to visit and gave you three wishes, what would they be?

One of my wishes would be the ability to re-do my craft room. I'd love to add counter space so that I can keep out my favorite tools and actually use them. Every time I use my Cuttlebug, I have to drag out the bin everything is in, set it up, only to re-pack it away each and every time. Same with the sewing machine, all my punches and more. I know that if I had the room to keep everything out, I would be using them more. It's definitely true for me--out of sight, out of mind. But until that genie actually grants my wish, I'll see if this new special issue has any ideas:

Another wish is that I was a bit better at photography. I don't like to spend time on the computer editing my photos and changing them. I like to set the photos up when I take them--cropping in the viewfinder, adjusting the light balance and so forth so that I can actually enjoy my photos right out of the camera. What I take is what I get. I don't get too wrapped up in the editing part. But I wish I had a little bit better understanding of the functions of all those fancy buttons.

Another wish of mine would be a transporter. Yup....just like in Star Trek.
Transporter chamber and control console aboard U.S.S. Voyager
That way I could visit Maura anytime I wanted for a little bit of crafting. That genie better throw in a food-replicator while he's at it. Just think of all the yummy goodies we could have...a spot of tea and scones perhaps.

My question for Maura is this...that genie told me that I could grant you three scrapbooking wishes too. So, what would yours be?


  1. I am with you on the craft room redesign, Sheila! If everything had it's place and easy to use, I truly believe I could get more scrapping done! But, this is where we have to use our creativity in organizing so that we can allow ourselves more time doing what we love!

  2. Sheila, I can relate to your wish for a transporter to visit Maura. My sister is a 15 hour drive away and we stay connected through our art as well. When I flew to visit her a few weeks ago...I was definitely wishing for a transporter or magic ruby slippers so I could avoid airline security, and all the waiting!

  3. Well...I would love a very large room,ground level,accommodates all my friends. It would have lots of crop space and a kitchen stocked and manned to serve us all day long.
    ok now for wish number 2 lol "time"
    More time then we could ever use.
    And 3, would be nice <3 enough for all of us of course to share lol !!!!!!


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