Tuesday, May 3

Answer...and the Next Question (NSD)

Ok Sheila, that is one tough question!! How do I
narrow down ALL the craft projects I have done down into just one??? Impossible, I say!

I thought back to years ago when I embroidered the back of a hoodie sweatshirt with a circle design of the four seasons.  I wore that until it fell apart. Can I find a photo of that?  Well, no.

Or perhaps the birchbark container I made that I decorated with real, yes real porcupine quills in a course I took in college.  Do I have a photo?  Well, no.

I also thought of the snowman my family made when our children were little.  We made the most awesome "Father Christmas" out in front along the sidewalk to share with the neighbors.  Can I find a photo of that?  Well, no.

Then I thought since we are celebrating National Scrapbook Day, maybe it should relate to that.  So, I chose this album I made a couple of years ago.  I love the way it focuses on my very ordinary life and is all about my family and friends.  I also love how interactive it is - pockets, peek throughs, tags, envelopes and all. It is definitely a favorite!
Sampling of inside pages

So now Sheila, it's my turn again to ask you a question.  If the scrapbook genie came to visit and gave you three wishes, what would they be?


  1. At least you remember all those special projects with a picture in your mind - perhaps you could journal the thought for a "mind slide show" at a later time (and a visual reminder so you don't forget it!)

  2. Porcupine quills ??? Oh MY !!!! You can make anything from anything hahaha


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