Friday, May 6

Answer...and the Next Question (NSD)

Hmmm... If you think about all of the tools you use to scrapbook with, what is the "special" one you reach for the most?

Without a doubt, it is my paper trimmer. I hardly do any type of project that doesn't involve cutting paper, whether for the base of a scrapbook or mini album, a handmade card, assembly line notepads, photo cropping, embellishments and more.
I've mentioned before how much I love a professional paper cutter but as long as yours cuts a straight line, it's good.

However, I thought I'd include my tool caddy that is always within arm's reach on my workspace. I do reach for something in here almost every time I create also.
Happen to see any of your favorites?
 Now Maura, my final question for you is...are you ready for our big National Scrapbooking Day celebration tomorrow? Let the fun begin!  

Maura here - YES!!! I will be by the time NSD rolls around!


  1. Sheila
    Love your organizer. I have one but it is not that "organized " :)

  2. I need to find a way to organized seems like it's a never ending have to look for a tool cady like yours Sheila.

  3. I am very organized as long as I'm not working on a project, and area quickly becomes a mess!


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