Saturday, May 7

Welcome to National Scrapbooking Day...TwoCraftingSisters style!

It's here!  It's here! 
Finally the big day that is just for us - National Scrapbooking Day! We decided to make this a special day for our readers (and to challenge ourselves).  Every hour starting at 9 am and going all the way to 6 pm, we will be posting different scrapbook related items of ours to share a neat tip with you or highlight a special technique we used. That's a total of 10 different layouts or projects-5 from each of us.

Now, we want to challenge you!  Use one or two of the tips or techniques that we share with you today to create your own scrapbook page...or two...or get the picture!  Be sure to add comments to today's posts to let us know what you think, give us a tip or share with us how you are celebrating this special day. Stay tuned for more fun, don't turn the dial. sure to comment on the posts today...and feel free to comment more than might just increase your chances of winning and don't worry, we'll give you plenty of time!


  1. Qwerty tips and tricks!!

  2. Love all of your ideas!


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