Monday, May 2

Countdown to National Scrapbooking Day

Sheila and I decided to have some fun this week with you-our readers.  We are going to put up some questions for each other and feel free to comment with any questions you have for us. Check back during the week, because you just never know when a giveaway may pop up!! All you need to do to enter is to make a comment on that post.

So, here's my first question for Sheila.  What is the most fun you have had with paper?

I think the most fun I have had with paper-as it relates to scrapbooking (since we are counting down to National Scrapbooking Day) was when I "let go" of the need for patterned paper. Now to explain....I was drawn into all the hype surrounding new releases of patterned papers just like every other scrapbooker. What is there to get excited about with plain colored cardstock? Not a whole lot. But all those pretty patterned papers? Oh boy! And I would buy single sheets and paper packs. And my stash grew bigger and bigger with each new release but I never used patterned paper on my scrapbook layouts. Sure, I liked to use them on cards or other crafts, but once I realized that my particular scrapbook style consisted of mainly three things-photos, journaling and cardstock, I was a much happier scrapbooker.
Mini album with only photos, journaling spots and black cardstock.
Accordion album with large photos, word strips and cardstock.
 And you know what...when a new color of cardstock is released from one of my favorite companies...I do get excited now. So, whatever your style may be....embrace it. And have fun.

Now, my question for Maura is this: What is the ONE most favorite craft related item that you have ever made?


  1. I too am not using as much pattern paper these days.
    I love using scraps to make cards!

  2. As my scrapbooking and card making styles "mature", I too find that my tastes lean toward using patterned paper that coordinate in color and styles. When I was younger, I bought paper just because I liked it - not giving any thought to what goes with this?
    I am inspired when Maura coordinates her paper & just sees what she can come up with. I have to do that more often! :-)

  3. I find that I impulsively buy all that patterned paper...and then I can't figure out to use it without covering up too much of the design that I loved so much in the first place! Simplicity is often better and cardstock is a MUST.

  4. Well...I love it all..and find myself buying my pref as well. Then don't have what i need when i need it.
    Or so I think. I agree. I need to do what Maura does...make it work :)


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