Saturday, May 28

Sisters Project

 No, not Sheila and Maura!  ...although we are starting to think about another long distance project.

I wanted to highlight these wonderful trays that the very talented sisters Lori and Beth made at the crop recently.  It was their first crop, and they chose this project to work on.  Personally, I am really glad they did, since I got to observe the entire creation process!

The sisters found these fabulous dental trays at an antique show, and each altered them to showcase their uniquely creative styles.   What beautiful displays of altered art, just chock full of artifacts, photos, papers.  feathers, metal found objects and lots more.
Lori's tray

Beth's tray
Thank you Beth and Lori for sharing with all of us on the blog!  Keep creating!!

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  1. these came out awesome! i was lucky enough to see Lori's in person at her house! thanks for the chance to see Beth's too!


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