Wednesday, June 1

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce...

From packaging to creation!
We all try to do our bit to save the environment, one step at a time.  Well, it can even be fun!  Crafters know that it's not always what is inside of the packaging, but sometimes the packaging itself that inspires our creative moments. While working on my Nautical album, I looked at the packaging that held the buttons, and thought, "I can do something with that!" I cut off part of it to create the "arches", inked it up, and layered it over some fabric ribbon, then adhered it to the page.  I wasn't thinking of it during the process, but after I put it down, doesn't it kind of look like curtains or a valance?  It might be a neat idea to try on a page about the theater, or putting up new curtains at home...

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