Friday, January 13

Librarian Retirement Album

 Our school librarian is retiring in just a few days, so I was asked to make another scrapbook.  This time, I decided to start from scratch , so the covers and pages are all bookboard, and I put it together with the Cinch (love that Cinch!!)

I like to use a theme for these albums, and what is better than books for a librarian.  I even found real library cards (thanks Tiffany) that worked perfectly throughout the album.  The book is filled with little memories that the people at work want to share.

I decided for my thoughts, I would write them on the library card in the "top ten" style. I was trying to think of fun things to do in retirement to share.

I have to share once again how you can make your mistakes work for you.  I bound the book, and opened it up to make sure everything was good...and what did I discover but that I had done half the pages upside down.  Well, I knew I could not take them all apart and redo them, so had to come up with another plan! I remembered some of those children books that you can start at the front, or start at the back, so I turned this into a "flip" book like that.  My "Oh No!" moment turned out ok.

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  1. You've become the "go to" gal for scrapbooks and I can certainly see why. I love your use of the actual library cards in your book. It will definitely become a keepsake for her. Great job!


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