Monday, September 24

Captured Moments Anniversary Crop-8years!!

Congratulations to the entire Captured Moments family, Tara, Tiffany, Nick, Maria, and all of your wonderful helpers on 8 amazing years!
We spent the day at the Cooperative Extension in Albany, and they had these wonderful gardens. It was such a beautiful day (until it rained, which we need), that I just had to go outside and soak in the serene beauty.

The anniversary crop is not complete without "Papa Nick's" meatballs and ziti! Homemade meals of deliciousness are always served up at their crops.
Princess Layla came to visit and found a new friend in Sheree.
I am not the only messy scrapper....just sayin... :)

I enjoyed a wonderful day of cropping with friends. Congratulations again on 8 years!

I will be at the store on Saturday Sept. 29 doing a demonstration of one of the techniques we will be doing in my upcoming Ladies Diary class. You will even get to make a sample to take home. Hope to see you there!


  1. It was an awesome day! I'm glad I got to sit with you guys it was fun!!

  2. Great to see you today and can't wait for your class!


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