Wednesday, September 26

Steampunk Witches Hat

I spent most of my time at the crop on Saturday creating this Steampunk style witches hat. I started out with a chipboard form hat, added some distress stains, then mod podged strips of paper up the hat. I got so involved in creating I forgot to snap a shot at the beginning, so this is at the point I realized, hey, maybe I should take some photos.

I wanted something coming out of the top of my hat, so tied the extra paper strips loosely at the top.
Next, to show you the different sides of the hat...pointing finger and gears, of course!

Lightbulb, gears, and here you can see the big gears I added to the top.
Better view of the top of the hat, and the little gear man.
Details of the focal point - watch fob, gears, crow, enjoy lightbulb (these are awesome 3D lightbulbs from Prima), and netting and fibers.
This gives you a pretty good overall view, including the waffle paper (Stampin Up) around the brim. I may hang a few more items from the top gears, but my steam punk hat is ready to show at my art gathering in October.


  1. LOVE all the extra details on your witch's hat! Looks like it was a great crop project to work on. I'm glad you remembered to snap some photos to share! Thanks.

  2. Wonderful! Clever and whimsical details.


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