Thursday, July 4

Travelogue-prelude of what's to come

We are getting ready to start our Summer Long Distance Project to share with all of you. Here's a clue of what supplies we'll be using...

To get us inspired, Maura has a travel themed questionnaire for us. See our answers below:

Are you an urban or country traveler?
Maura - mostly country, wild areas, with a bit of city sprinkled in
Sheila - definitely country...the more remote and away from it all, the better

What is your must have item to always pack on a trip?
Maura - I would have to say a book, I always have something to read with me...just in case
Sheila - My husband and my dogs

What is your mode of travel?
Maura - definitely the car, although I do like to fly and take the train, and maybe someday travel on an ocean freighter
Sheila - the car...might be why it has over 365,000 miles on it!

Would you choose mountains or ocean?
Maura - I would choose to visit the ocean, since I live near mountains, I love watching the waves roll in.
Sheila - mountains...and a clear blue lake or waterfalls is a bonus.

What is your best travel tip?
Maura - if you can, stay in one area for awhile so you get a better feel for the people, culture, place, don't rush
Sheila - mine is scrapbook related...I always make up a little travel log or mini book before we go. Nothing fancy, usually just chipboard, some patterned paper on the covers and blank pages inside and then bound with the Cinch or Bind It All. Sometimes I'll stamp the pages just for fun. Sometimes I add a pocket or a place to collect memorabilia-business cards, placemats brochures, etc. Now I have a place to jot everything down about our travels and it is very helpful when making that mini album upon your return.

Do you have any travel tips you want to share with us? Be sure to leave a comment.

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  1. oooh - fun! Can't wait to see what you two are up to :)


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