Friday, November 20

Guess What! I have been Scrapbooking!

I am doing some scrapbooking these days and wanted to share the 3 pages I finished. I am working on the photos from last year's camping trip out west with my hubby.

What do you think? Metal compass on the destination tag?

What do you think? Should I make/stamp a coffee cup to add to the City Brew photo?

This one I like...tied the twine into knots to give it a rustic look. And, yes, that is hubby playing the guitar.

When I started working on this project, I thought I would do the trip in sequence, until I started working with it and realized a year later, I don't know where some of my photos are taken! Oops! I have a journal, but should have sorted or marked my photos right away - maybe I will remember that next time.

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