Tuesday, January 5

Creative Jumpstart 2016: Inspired by Matisse

Remember, I was telling you about feeding my muse here? I am really trying to use my creative time wisely, and am catching up with my classes and getting inspired. Love the format Creative Jumpstart is taking this year, thanks to Nat Kahlbach and all the fantastic artists she is collaborating with.

Yes! I found some play time to create based on what I am learning in class about Matisse. I also have my hubby's great art library to dig into, to learn even more. This is definitely keeping the dark days at bay. I really love Matisse's vibrant  use of color and organic shapes, so this is what I focused on with my mixed media canvas. Each of the class artists is adding a wonderful spin on inspiration, and I have taken elements from them also - thanks!

I learned that later in life, Matisse painted paper and cut it out into shapes. I just happened to have some paper I had painted for another project left over to use with this.

I also had an extra canvas background from another project with color bursts when I made two and used one, so these got me thinking...of the sea!

I took my scissors and just started cutting out organic shapes which started to look like plants to me, so I had so cut out a variety for my "Undersea Garden". Then, I thought, I need some fish, so free cut some fish shapes. It really was a lot of fun to just start cutting and see what I could create!

I didn't feel quite there yet with this, so had to go in with some gold and do some of my doodling.

I like how transparent some of the fish look, and I feel like I am under the ocean in a warm, tropical area.


  1. gorgeous - love your canvas and your take on the inspiration!!! Thank you for being part of CJS again!!! Nat

    1. Thanks Nat! I look forward to Januarys now :)

  2. Maura, how fun to see how you took paper shapes and transformed them into a full under-the-sea scape. The colors are so lively and I love both the before and after versions. On a side note - your blog banner uses one of my rubber stamp designs for SA. It was a little thrill to see that this morning.

    1. Thanks so much Michelle! Glad you had a little thrill when you visited...I love that stamp and need to use it more!

  3. WOW I love how you included the shapes. Beautiful artwork!

  4. Looks like you had a ton of fun creating this one! Super cool!

  5. I like the original collage, but wow those fish popped out nicely when you added the drawing! Very cool.


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