Monday, February 22

Southern Cross

Hello Monday! This week we are inspired by a song, which was challenging to me to just choose one, I have so many favorites. But narrow it down I did, to Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills and Nash!  Here is a link to the lyrics if you are interested, and here is a link to listen to it. 
How are you inspired by a song?

Do you have those creative times when you just keep going because you are so involved in your work? Well, that was this time for me, and I forgot to take photos as I worked, so I'll just share details instead.

I had a lot of fun with texture paste - the Balzer Designs face stencil, and the waves that I created with a palette knife. Adhered the world die cut, and then just played with paint, and I am loving these blues and greens. I looked up a photo of a sailing ship and then went at it with my paints freehand, no sketching or anything. Honestly, I didn't believe I could do this, so when you feel that way, just take the plunge and try something you have never done before.

"Lookin' for that woman, girl"...I imagined this as rather ethereal - perhaps she was real, or maybe just the wind blowing the ship across the sea..

The Southern Cross has always caught my imagination, maybe because I live in the northern hemisphere and have never seen it. The brightest star in the constellation is Crux...sounds kind of cool. What an adventurous journey to sail into the southern oceans and experience that! 

"And Music is her name"...I imagine the boat with this name sailing ahead of the winds.

What a blast to the past! I think I picked this song up in my twenties, and every time I hear it, the wanderlust hits. So, who wants to come aboard with me and head to the Southern Cross?

Do you have a favorite song? Are you inspired in some way by it? I look forward to seeing how you interpret this week's challenge!

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Be sure to head back to the challenge blog to see how my wonderfully creative teamies are inspired by a song!


  1. Absolutely fabulous pages Maura! I would want to frame this! the colours and whole design is amazing! A true artist at work!:-)

    Lols x x x

  2. I love how you created waves using a palette knife, Maura, and how you added handwritten verses too. Love this piece! Cathie <3

  3. This is so relaxing. I almost feel the sea breeze watching your pages! Lovely!

  4. Southern Cross happens to be one of MY fave tunes! It brings up ooodles of very happy memories!!! This page is BEAUTIFUL and fits so nicely with the theme!!

    1. I really appreciate your thoughts Scrapwordsmom!

  5. I can hear the waves crashing against the boat! LOVE the die cuts too! Great pages!

  6. Wow... these pages are fantastic! Maura. I love the beautiful colors and your painting is awesome! :)

  7. Neato!! The texture paste really makes the sea + sky over the top AWESOME!

    Simon Says Stamp!

  8. Love this pages! Love the globe die and the colors choice is wonderful! BArbara

  9. Such a fabulous spread, Maura! Love the gorgeous ocean you've created! The boat looks amazing! Hugs, Sandra

  10. A truly beautiful piece of artwork and I love how you've created this piece with the texture paste ~ it's given such a depth to the pages and is just fabulous! :)

  11. Maura, this is an amazing page! Love the girl face on the top corner! So amazing! <3
    Hugs Zoey

  12. This is a really thoughtful piece and as always, your imagination seems to roam all over the world and back! I love your sense of adventure and how that shows up in your art. I feel like you must have the most free-spirited, well-traveled soul there could ever be! And a great band to be inspired by. I love the unique harmony of their voices and I thought this was a wonderful tribute to them.


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