Thursday, February 18

Wanderlust 2016: Sun Journal

It's been a dark winter, but today the sun is shining! I am learning so much in my Wanderlust 2016 class, and want to share my most recent art journal page with you. So far, it has been an amazing mix of artists and ideas, and is a great community for sharing!

So, where do you look for inspiration? Surprisingly, or is all around you when you start looking for it.

My inspiration for this page came from one of my favorite coffee mugs, and the cover of a magazine. The mug gave me ideas for designs to draw, and I took the color combo from the magazine .

I am loving this combination of blues, orange and yellow.

I started by sketching some designs and writing a bit on my page with a Molotow pen. It is great for masking, and in the pen form, so easy to draw with.

Next. I blended distress inks on the page, flicked it with water, then stenciled some arrows and dots for more texture and layers.

Here it is after I rubbed off the masking.

Time to doodle with my Pitt pens! I love adding more dimension with the pens, and doodling areas in randomly. I think it adds a lot to my page when you compare the before and after. What do you think?

Can you see elements of the mug here? Inspiration from the magazine cover?  I also was inspired by the location where we bought the mug - in the southwest near Zion National Park in Utah.

I'd love to hear from you - where do you find your inspiration for your creative work? 
Have a grand day!!


  1. Fabulous page and I agree what a great color combo! Oh I so wish I had joined in on this...

    1. Thank you! I am sure it's not too late...but I will keep sharing .

  2. I wasn't familiar with the Molotow pen -- that's such a great option, versus adding doodles with a white pen. Magazines and print ads are a great place to find inspiration. I like finding color combinations in nature. For example, the bluish purple of wild chicory flowers look so beautiful with the cream of Queen Anne's Lace in late summer.

    1. I've just recently discovered these pens, give them a try, they come in different widths.

    2. Meant to add also love your share about looking in nature!

  3. Love seeing the color process and inspiration and watching you fill in the piece.


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