Monday, May 30

Monochrome Blues

Kassa has been our guest designer this month, and I have been blown away with her creativity! So glad that you joined us for May, Kassa and I will certainly be looking forward to seeing what you keep creating!!

Hello Friends! We are back again with a new challenge for you this week and it is to work in monochrome, meaning one color or values of one color that you can get by mixing it with white or black. Like this photo I took on my trip back home last Sunday; love those "God rays" as I call them. 

I've been feeling blue this week, so I figured that was the perfect color for me to work with, and I started with Dina Wakley's Ocean blue and changed the values.

Started with my base of the Ocean blue on a gessoed page in my art journal, then I wiped out some of the paint through a stencil. Next I added black to my blue and started to layer on some stencils.

Added white to my blue and painted on some of the lighter blue and scraped it and stenciled again.

Next step, add some stamping to create more visual interest, and I used stamps by Nathalie Kahlbach here. 

In retrospect, I think the photo I shared at the beginning of this post was a message, but I didn't know  until I got home that our sweet little Jack Russell, Jasper had died earlier in the afternoon. We were blessed to share about 16 years together. We first found Jasper, or rather he found us, when we stopped at a farm in our area to get fresh corn. It was love at first sight. My sons have grown up with this little fellow, and he has touched all of our lives. We miss him, and he will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Art journaling can help to heal us. I have written a few words here, but they are not so visible...which is a great way to approach something you want to do, but don't want to share all of it with the world.

I had painted the J and bingo card with some of the paint, added some washi, and went in a scribbled and shaded with a graphite pencil. 

I hope you are inspired to try a project in one color, why not choose a favorite color? I'm looking forward to seeing what you create! 

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Wondering how the team is approaching the monochromatic challenge? Head on over, because I know you will be as blown away by their creativity as I am!


  1. Oh my goodness Maura, this whole post is lovely, but so sad, I am crying with you XXX sending you huge hugs sweetie XXX
    Jasper looks so cute and he looks like you have him snuggling up cosy in bed with the washi tape cover :-) a beautiful tribute to a beautiful fur baby xx The 'Gods ray' photo is perfect too :-)

    Lols x x x

    1. I really love the way you saw this Lols, totally not intentional, but that is perfect. Thanks so much.

  2. First, let me wipe away my tears so I can type, Maura. What a beautiful tribute to Jasper. I love how you said you wrote a few words but that they weren't so visible. Art in any form can be so healing and I can see the love you poured out on this piece. Your background is amazing and the photo of Jasper is absolutely adorable. Sending you big hugs, Maura. <3

    1. thanks, Cathie. Your words are healing too.

  3. ugh, i wish I could hug you tight -- such a beautiful way to tribute our fur babies. I have watery eyes :-( beautiful post and project <3 I am sure Jasper is moving the tail over the rainbow bridge <3

    1. I think he is wagging that tail of his, and one of his friends up the road just joined him, so he has company now. thanks Zoey.

  4. beautiful page Maura and such a wonderful tribute to your faithful friend...hugs kath xxx

  5. What a beautiful tribute and precious page! I'm so sorry about your pup! We picked our perfect, little pup up on a farm, too. She's been with us since my oldest was two-years-old, almost eleven years now. We love her to bits and hate to think about such days. We'll enjoy every moment she's with us, as I know you did Jasper. Sending hugs!

  6. Your creation is awesome, Maura. Love the great colors and the adorable photo. :)

  7. Cool background, and what an adorable pup!

    Simon Says Stamp!

  8. Love to see your creative process MAura! Wonderful tribute to Jasper! Barbara

  9. Oh, Maura! My heart goes out to you! I know how much our furry family members can mean and this was such a beautiful and tender tribute. I think it's really remarkable that you turned your grief into art. Sending hopeful thoughts and prayers your way!

  10. What a beautiful way to honor Jasper!

  11. So sorry to hear about Jasper! This is such a great tribute to him! It's gorgeous, Maura! Love it! Hugs, Sandra


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