Tuesday, November 29

Wanderlust 2016: A Tag Travel Journal

I'm in the middle of one of my Wanderlust 2016 classes with Joanna Grant, and just finished up my first mini journal using shipping tags. 

I LOVE Wanderlust 2016! I have learned an amazing amount of "stuff" and been inspired by some very talented artists. I know I have pushed myself beyond my comfort zone and tried techniques I never thought I would. For example, with this project, I headed totally out of my color comfort  zone to see what would happen...and I really like it! I think I tend to get into color "ruts", and it's a lot of fun to escape that. 

My work space is getting smaller, but I am having fun with my gelli plate and these bright colors, including neons! I used a recycled cup and bottle cap to make my circles. Thank you Carolyn Dube (another Wanderlust teacher) for taking me on a journey into the gelli plate! I bought one a few years ago, and it sat...until this year, when I finally learned to use it.

I decided to try my hand at making some matching washi tape, so I laid out strips of Dina Wakley's Media Tape onto my gelli plate, and added paint.

I found an old number stamp from 1-31 and stamped the tape with this also.

I wanted it to stand out more from the tags, so sprayed and speckled it with white.

I cut out paper rectangles, doodled around the edges, added my washi, and stamped "Journal" onto the cover tag. 

All hooked together, and added some contrasting fibers. Now, this little tag journal is ready to go on a journey. There is space for notes or drawing, and it would be simple to add in some watercolor paper tags to add some sketches, or more journaling sheets - definitely room to expand!

I hope you've enjoyed this project in neon and bright colors! See, I've learned to play with more crayons in the box, so to speak ;)


  1. I really enjoyed your process photos! I've made my own washi tape before, but a different way: I used a small gelli plate to stamp on top of some masking tape. I really must try this technique as well! Your tag journal looks fantastic - this will be the next one I'll try! I feel we were really spoilt for ideas this week on Wanderlust!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Zsuzsa! I will have to try making washi your way too - we can compare! I agree with you about feeling spoiled for ideas this week - I have MUCH more to do!!


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