Saturday, December 3

A Trio of Canvases

I've been taking this wonderful online class with Roben-Marie Smith, whom I first "met" in Wanderlust 2016. I fell in love with her style, and jumped at the opportunity to take her Paper to Paint class. She is such a wonderful and supportive teacher!

I wanted to share my trio of canvases with you "City of Light", and give you a few peeks of my work in progress.

Notice how I create layers with different colors and shapes in the next 3 photos. Amazing how much the piece can change as it is worked, and sometimes I am not sure when to stop. I've had times when I wish I hadn't added that next layer on - does that ever happen to you?

I toned it all down with a whitewash layer, and painted on some meaningful words. 

Next, I took a photo of the Eiffel Tower I shot while visiting Paris, and put parts into my composition. I also found an old postcard to use as my third focal point.

Using a variety of materials...

I stamped some of my favorite images onto dictionary paper and placed those into my composition.  These stamps are designed by my friend Andrea at Snapping Monsters. I went in and added some more color with pastels.

Then, I painted the canvas edges to finish these off. 

City of Light trio

Another bright and colorful project from me...maybe this is my way of combating the dark and gloomy days we've been having as we move into winter. 

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into my class with Roben-Marie. I highly recommend that you look into taking a class with her! Thanks so much Roben-Marie!!



  1. Stunning work...always love seeing your incredible works of art.

  2. wow, love these! Roben-Marie is also one of my favourites. You've done so many layers!


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