Saturday, October 28

Colorful and Amazing India!

My husband and I recently returned from a life changing trip to Jaipur, India. 
We went on an Arts and Crafts journey with Craftours and met some amazing people! I wanted to share a bit here with all of you. 
Would we go back to India? That would be a resounding YES!!

This is my all time favorite photo and experience while I was in India - meeting all of these beautiful people in a small village outside of Jaipur!

LOTS of photos, so get yourself a cup of Masala Chai and sit back and enjoy!

 We went to this awesome place and learned how to do Kantha embroidery. I have finished my piece and plan to turn it into a pillow. 

These are my two helpers who showed me how to do the embroidery.


This gentleman made me a couple of small elephant prints in two colors.

Can you imagine having all of these blocks for printing? 

Printing with mud and sawdust...

Indigo dyeing...

Gorgeous prints...

I was amazed at how they did these overall prints.

He is carving a wood block...

And here is the one I printed!


We visited a paper factory...

Look, they made my color!!


We learned how to paint with colored sand, rice and flowers! 
I LOVE the colors!!!

Here is my practice one - it only looks "good" where I used a stencil, the rest looked like a preschooler did it, LOL!

We visited an orphanage and I fell in love with these beautiful children! The boy in red painted this and all of them are so proud of him!!


We learned how to make necklaces with threads, holding one end wrapped around our big toes!

Look - I did it!




We each got to paint a piece, they glazed and fired them overnight and brought them to the hotel.

For you mixed media fans out there, yes that is Gwen LaFleur! I was thrilled to meet her in person!!


THIS!! This has been on my bucket list and I was so excited to finally do this! The artist was amazingly talented - love it!!

This is how it looks after the henna flakes off.


This gentleman helped us to choose our fabrics and clothing styles. Tailors work overnight to make your outfit and bring it to the hotel the next night - I was amazed!

Michael's new shirt, and my silk outfit. ( I also got a cotton outfit)

I had the pleasure of chatting with this young lady each day at our hotel about life in India.


Gorgeous marigold necklaces for the day we rode the elephants.

I was drawn to India by the beautiful colors and I was not disappointed. 
After I got home, this is the collage I made inspired by colors and textures I experienced on my awesome journey. You can read more about it here.


  1. Aww!! What a wonderful Blogpost about India. I enjoyed all your photos and I am so happy you enjoyed your Colorful stay here (in India).
    The collage piece you have created is just BRILLIANT and so very India inspired!!

  2. What a wonderful experience! Thank you for sharing it. It was so fun to read your blog post.

  3. What a fun recap Maura - and it was so fun to meet you too! It was definitely a great trip full of lots of amazing memories!


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