Friday, December 1

Cobbler's Christmas!

Happy Holidays!! I wish you joy in your celebrations, and if you can add a steampunk twist, well, even better! 

I was imagining what the cobbler's Christmas might be like - of course, there had to be shoes! I thought since he often works in darker leathers, that he might really enjoy a bright magenta tree. Of course, I had to hang it with gears and cogs!

I've had this great wooden shoe form in my stash for a long time. I found it at an antiques store and was waiting for the perfect project. It called to me for this one. I had all kinds of ideas on how to alter it, but in the end, I decided I wanted to leave the wooden shoe as much in its original state as possible.

I took an old faucet and the base of the tree and smeared them with DecoArt's Texture Sand Paste.

Next, my goal was to make the faucet and gears from Boozybear look like they were rusted. I used a layered mix of DecoArt Payne's Grey, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, and Quinacridone Gold, then spritzed a bit of Carbon Black mister on them.  I touched the gears up a bit with the Gold Rush Metallic Lustre. Getting good and messy now!

I sprayed the tree with Primary Magenta, then a layer of White Shimmer Mist.

I glued the faucet and tree to the shoe. 

Next, I strung the cogs and gears onto some funky fiber and wrapped it around the tree. Final touch - a sari ribbon bow wrapped around the shoe.

Here's a trip around the tree so you can see all the details...

Our winter SteamPunk special runs for two months until the end of December, and I really hope you will find some time during this busy season to get your creative cogs and gears turning and create something special to share with us! We get the most amazing projects shared with us at SASPC! 

Many wishes for a wonderful holiday season to you and yours! 

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful upcycling-installation :) from a Christmas dream. The idea is great and thank you for showing the step by step transformation.

    Hugs - Senna


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