Wednesday, January 3

Inspired by Creative Jumpstart 2018!

 It's cold here, heading into -15F by Friday night, so it sure is a good time to stay inside and play. I was inspired by Carolyn Dube's class today on Creative Jumpstart 2018 that Nathalie Kalbach offers in January,  to get out my art journal and paints and just play. I am so happy I did, I love how this turned out! Thanks Carolyn!

When it's cold outside, grab the bright colors to play with! I'm using my DecoArt Americana Premium heavy body acrylics.

I chose Primary Yellow, Cadmium Orange Hue, Quinacridone Magenta, Cobalt Teal Hue, Copper, Titan Buff and Titanium White. I also used the DecoArt Decoupage to adhere papers.

Stamps are by my friend, Andrea Ockey-Parr at Snapping Monsters. I'm using stamps out of three of her stamp sets.
When I read this one, it was perfect for these art journal pages!

These bubble stamps are some of my favorites.  
You can also see some of the stenciling I did. (Stencil Girl)

Andrea even has these cool stitched stamps, and I had to use them!

This image is from a Gudrun Sjoden catalog. I save the old catalogs to use in my art because I like the images and also the non-glossy pages.

Let yourself go and play creatively! 
If you are like me, sometimes I know where I am headed with an idea, and other times I don't. My Muse took me right off my path and on to a much more artsy one.


  1. I love seeing the detail and reading a bit about how you put it together! This is awesome in so many ways, especially the quote!

  2. Love it - and oh man, you have some cool supplies! Those stamps rock :-)


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