Monday, January 15

Time Traveler

Welcome, welcome steampunk fans, and a happy and imaginative New Year to you! 

We have more steampunk/industrial inspiration for you mid month, and if you missed the Team A posts, be sure to check them out - they are awesome!

I am fascinated with the idea of time travel, and love to read books about it. Can you imagine if there really was a time machine? Or a way to travel into the past or future? Would you do it?  I believe I would. Where and when would you want to go?

I wanted to make a canvas with this theme. It's also been wicked cold here and I've been drinking lots of coffee and those dark browns have caught my eye, along with my long sleeve teal shirt I wear as an under layer, so it's browns and blues for me! Ok, there are a lot of steps and photos this time, so grab something to drink, and let's get started!

Time Traveler

Isn't this Boozybear chipboard great? I laid mine out and added bits to it, then took a photo so I would remember what it looked like.

Painted all my pieces with Cobalt Turquoise hue.

While those dried, I painted the canvas background.

Then, I stenciled Andy Skinner's Industrial Elements over it with  Titan Buff and a cosmetic sponge.

Stenciled canvas

Time to go over it with a mix of transparent and semi transparent colors.

I liked it like this and could have stopped here, except for that vision in my head.

I wanted to add another layer of gears over this, and used Andy's Incognito stencil  with Gold Rush and Rich Espresso (yes, those coffee vibes are in the air!)

I decided to dab on some transparent blues to my gears.

Then, I decided to add more interest to them with some misters.

I had fun finding other cogs and gears and metal bits to add to this.

I brushed a thick layer of Clear Crackle onto the canvas, and then I had to be patient while it dried. After awhile, I got out the heat tool to speed it up. I love the big cracks, and rubbed in Payne's Grey all over the canvas and used a baby wipe to clean more off the surface. 

I didn't want my canvas to be shiny, so went over it with Ultra Matte Varnish.

I am loving how this turned out!

DecoArt products I used to create the canvas and gears. 
I also added some sparkle with Prima Art Ingredients with glass glitter and beads.

And here are the shirts which inspired my color choices...

All the details....

You can see the sprinkling of glitter and beads I added here. After all, there must be some magic involved in time travel, right?

My son gave me this awesome set of trunks, and don't they make great props for my canvas?

I hope I've inspired you to use your imagination and create something to share with us this month! 
I am looking forward to your make! 

Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors who keep the gears turning at Sandee and amelie's Steampunk Challenges!





  1. OMG, I keep reading over and over. I love all the products you used, I'm so glad you didn't stop. So much inspiration :)

  2. Love the Background and the Clock Color in combination. Really nice Maura. Hugs

  3. Hey,
    Everything's are amazing . Liked this post and i appreciate it . So much thanks guy .

  4. Thanks for sharing great idea about coloring. I would love to make similar and will do share again.

  5. I really enjoyed your blog Thanks for sharing such an informative post.


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