Friday, March 1

Short Circuit

Welcome friends! Glad you've stopped by to check out my latest steampunk inspiration for Sandee and Amelie's Steampunk Challenges for our March challenge. Any make in the steampunk/industrial mixed media realm is accepted, so get yourself some inspiration and start creating!

I have a box of wooden Kokopellis that my husband cut out in three sizes. Today I am using the middle size, so thought using "short" fit, as well as the circuit board design. Kokopelli is such a fascinating character in the history of the southwestern United States, oh, about 10,000 years or so ago. He traveled from pueblo to pueblo bringing in trade goods and news. Stories abound that he was quite the lover and also left behind many babies, so he also became known as a fertility figure. His visit was considered a good omen for the crops too. 

I've been having fun altering my Kokopellis in a number of ways, and today I tried to keep the colors more natural and used a circuit design. 


I started with a couple of layers of DecoArt's NEW Chalky Gesso in Grey - it is a lovely smooth gesso with a great finish. I like the grey to work from too. Once that dried, I used the circuit stencil and Dimensional Effects to get the design. Be sure to let dry completely. 

Next a neutral layer of Titan Buff.

Dab on some Burnt Sienna with a sponge. 

Repeat with Transparent Yellow Oxide. Then add a layer of Green Gold.

Top with Quinacridone Gold and Payne's Grey applied with a sponge. 

Rub on some Copper Kettle and Black Shimmer Lustre. 

Then, I just couldn't help myself, I had to add some blue, so splattered a bit of Phthalo Turquoise onto my figure. 

Even though I had paper set up around it, some splatters hit my coffee cup, but luckily none went in. So not only do you need to be careful to not set your brush into your coffee/tea cup, but splattering can be "dangerous" too! LOL!

I tied on a few bits and baubles of hardware parts, and added a few resistors to his head piece. 

I hope you will join us in March and share your own steampunk/industrial creation! I am looking forward to seeing your makes. 

Many thanks to the sponsors who keep the cogs and gears turning at SASPC!



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