Monday, April 1

Ready to Fly an Airship?

Looking for one superb airship pilot experienced in traveling through the aether, to join the crew of the Triumphant Falcon for a year-long expedition. Must be able to tame an old airship that may look a bit rusted but can still pull a lot of power, and be handy with a wrench and oil can when needed. Private bunk, share of the profits, and one hell of an adventure!!

Hello Steampunk friends! Are you ready for an adventure with us this month at Sandee and Amelie's Steampunk Challenges? We love to see your mixed media work in the steampunk/industrial genre, and hope you will join us!

I had a lot of fun creating the Triumphant Falcon's airship control panel. She might be a bit rusted, but she still works. 

I die cut my shapes using two Sizzix sets by Tim Holtz - the voltage meter and the robots. Then, I laid them out to get an idea of what I wanted to make. 

I popped up layers, glued bits on...

...and adhered everything to a thick tag. 

Next, I covered everything with a layer of Grey Chalky Gesso - look at that lovely, smooth finish.

In order to make my dials look really rusted, I used a palette knife and added on some Texture Sand Paste. 

Andy Skinner has a great faux rust technique using DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics HERE.

I made a wash with the Payne's Grey and painted over just about everything. See that great mottled effect you get? Be sure to let each layer dry before adding the next one. 

I used the Titan Buff for the panel, and the rest to create the rust. 

Once everything dried, I decided I needed a bit of the metal to show through so dabbed some on with my finger. 

I wanted the dials to pop out a bit more from the board, so went around them with a white paint pen, then over it with a graphite pencil and water to tone it down.  I stamped the letters on, and went around those with a paint pen also, and added the gradients to the dials. 

Oh yeah! I am loving this rust!!

The Triumphant Falcon might be a bucket of bolts, but she still flies, rust and all. I was trying to recreate a console like might be found on an old airship. My dials are: Thermometric gauge, Chronometrical gauge, and Aetheroscope, showing some of the dials the pilot has to keep track of on the airship. 

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my little journey into the aether this month, and are inspired to join us in our challenge!

We are so grateful to our generous sponsors who keep the cogs and gears turning at SASPC!
- Maura



  1. This really is exceptional Maura, definitely rusty goodness. I have resisted this die but I may just have to put in a cheeky order now! Thank you for sharing. Hugs Tracey x


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