Friday, November 1

I Dare You!

Hello and welcome steampunk fans! Awesome entries from all you players for the October challenge at Sandee and Amelie's Steampunk Challenges! Are you ready for our Winter Special Challenge for November/December? We know how busy this time of year gets, so we are turning this into a two month, end of the year challenge.

 The theme as always is STEAMPUNK/INDUSTRIAL Anything Goes in mixed media. 
So, come on...I dare you to join us! 

Ok, so who is this gentleman pointing to? Is it you? And what is he daring us about? or is he daring the raven? Is it a challenge to fly in the airship, because if it is, I am ready to go! Is he telling the raven to stay away from the airship (maybe those claws are really sharp)? He is a rather challenging fellow, that is for sure!

I started with a bit on collage on my art journal page.

Then added some color and drips and dribbles of blue. 

Quite by accident I scratched into an area with the heat tool, so thought why not scratch in more. 


I used the fluid acrylics like watercolor to paint my images, dried them and cut them out. 

Stamps I used...

I added a bit of glimmer to the raven.

There is just something about blue and rusty colors.

I'd love to have you join our Winter challenge at SASPC! You have two months to work on a project and enter it, giving you plenty of time. and I am looking forward to seeing your creation! 

Many thanks to our generous sponsors, DecoArt Media and Boozybear Chipboard, for keeping the cogs and gears running smoothly! 



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