Tuesday, January 5

Voyage to the Poles

Hello and welcome friends to our two month Steampunk/Industrial challenge at Sandee & amelie's Steampunk challenges. We are planning on doing two month challenges for awhile due to the pandemic, and are hopeful when things improve around the globe, we can return to our usual monthly challenges. I hope this finds you healthy and safe and looking forward to a creative 2021!

I think I was inspired by all the snow and cold we've had lately, and headed to my art journal pages to create a story of exploration. 

Scientific and Natural exploration took center stage during the Victorian era. Societies were formed to support explorers and their journeys to remote and unknown areas of the world, so they could bring back amazing things to share. Unfortunately, this zest for exploration led to the decimation of many species, as they were often killed and stuffed to be put on display.

Hence, the need for a new story...Sir Albertus Loovingstone and his voyages around the steampunk world. Sir Albertus often sponsored other explorers to visit the far reaches of the world. One such expedition was sent out to Antarctica - the steamship Cogsmania with directions to record as much of the flora and fauna they found. Skilled artists were on this voyage, to draw in detail the amazing new species, and if you are very lucky you just might still find one of their books. Unfortunately for the crew of the Cogsmania, it grew bitter cold and the ship found itself locked in the ice. Never fear, Sir Albertus came up with a rescue plan and sent an aeronautics fleet to the rescue! Many more journeys were made, drawings came in from all corners of the world showing the multitude of species never before seen. Perhaps you have seen some of these drawings? Maybe even some of the newer cinematic moving pictures from these journeys?  If so, you are lucky indeed!

I headed to my art journal with some Arctic/Antarctic papers and stencil from Stamperia, and Titanium white paint from DecoArt...and then I started playing...

I loved this image of the rusting ship, which gave me my story idea and a rescue by airships. I added a mariners compass and a fun knob, plus a huge whale swimming by.

Sir Albertus with his goggles on for airship travel, and that amazing waxed moustache. As you can see, he is always ready to explore!


North, south, east or west...no matter what direction we head, we will discover something. I hope you discover amazing things this year, and will stop by to visit from time to time. I am so thankful for all of you who participate in our challenge and share your amazing talent!

Blessings of health and joy for 2021, Maura


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