Friday, September 25

Cowboy Wisdom Mini Book

This project makes a great gift for a guy, a cowboy,
or a cowgirl (with some slight changes)... I used the Bitty Book that Stampin Up used to have, but since they do not make it any more, I would just use a tiny scrapbook and holder to make one. Find yourself some cowboy themed papers, embellishments, and stamps, then google "cowboy wisdoms" and you will find several good sites to choose from. I typed up several into a document so that I could choose my own fonts.

Choose an album with small pages, so you can just add one saying and finish off the page with a stamped design or embellishment. Ink the edges, distress, rip... to give it an well worn look, like the cowboy has been carrying it around a long time.

"Never ask a barber if you need a haircut"

"Don't squat with your spurs on"

I mean, really, who can argue with wisdom
like that?

Sheila here...Maura and I send projects back and forth to each other so that we can see things in person (sometimes it is too long in between our visits). Such was the case with this little cowboy album. Well, my husband saw it and LOVED it so much--laughed out loud--that he kept it. So, I can attest that any guy would like this. Luckily , Maura let him keep it and made another for herself. Such a great example that not all scrapbooks have to include photos.

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