Monday, October 12

Fall Fest Craft Fair

Packed to the gills! It was a tight fit getting three people and all of our craft fair items, chairs, tables, etc. into one Ford Explorer, but somehow we made it up and back. I am not sure if that is a smile or grimace!

Anyway, we had a successful day at the craft show. Michelle and I both ran into friends who stopped by to visit our booth, or were at the fair themselves. The day cleared up, but was chilly. We did not think there were as many folks as last year, but people have had to cut back, so we are grateful we did all right.

Many people commented on the items we had for
sale. We are thinking of featuring more pet
themed items after watching the lady next door
to us. She was selling handmade dog outfits, and
people came back with their dogs to try them on.
We thought we might have to stop a fight when
two people wanted the same outfit for their dogs!
Kept us entertained!

Our next craft shows will be at St. Mary's Hospital, the Fonda Fultonville school, and Sheila may have one coming up in Ohio. Stay posted!

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