Tuesday, October 13

Test Tubes

Since I don't think any of my husband's co-workers read our blog, I will go ahead and share this year's Halloween goodie that I made for him to hand out. These test tube party favors are not new...I think they were in last year's Halloween craft collection from Martha Stewart. However....I looked all over for them and they were out of stock everywhere. I had forgotten all about them until I was at a local store this week (Meijer's) and just happened to find them. I was so excited that I snatched up all they had. And they were on sale! Best of all...my husband likes them so I know they will be a big hit at work. I couldn't find them on the Martha Stewart site, but I did find them in stock HERE.

Next share--neighbor goodies.

Supplies: test tubes, PaperTrey Ink rubber stamps, Stampin' Up punches, Peanut M&M's

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