Saturday, October 3

Happy World Card Making Day

Maura and I email quite a bit, occasionally we happen to be online at the same time and chat and we have phone conversations as much as we can....but what I really love is when I go to get my mail and there is a handmade card from her. It will usually sit out on the craft table or be displayed on a shelf for a bit and then is saved for an eventual scrapbook full of cards and notes from her.

I think she has kept every card I have ever sent her over the years (as well as other goodies) and has them on display on a downstairs wall and in her craft area. It is just so heartwarming to give and receive something handmade with love.

So, since rubber stamping and card making is a shared love of ours...I thought it only appropriate to wish everyone a happy World Card Making Day today! Supposedly it kicks off the holiday card making season. I think that making handmade cards for Christmas is still one of my favorite things to do along with stamped gift tags and little holiday goodies for neighbors, friends and sisters!

PaperCrafts Magazine has a special website HERE.

Also, there is a World Card Making Day Blog Tour with lots of links HERE.

Hopefully this will inspire you to make a card for that someone special today. I know that it will brighten their day.

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  1. I DO have every card you have sent me Sheila! It is interesting to see how they have changed over the years.


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