Sunday, November 22

Christmas Trees

Maura previously shared some Christmas trees that she made in her class HERE and HERE.
Hers turned out beautifully using scrapbook papers, ribbons and embellishments.

I decided to make some with buttons. Here they are:
I started with a foam cone found at any craft store, usually in the floral section, and then just started sticking buttons on with pearl head pins, overlapping them a bit and worked my way around and up the cone. The trunk is a wooden spool. The tree toppers are star buttons. I used more rustic colored buttons but I think an all ivory and white tree with red and green pins or even silver pins would be beautiful. I love how these turned out! And they were a big hit with my husband.

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  1. I love the button look - gives a nice rustic feeling. You have some great ideas with the single color buttons, which you could also use for the paper trees - example white on white designs for a very elegant look.


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