Friday, January 1

Crafting Resolutions for 2010

New Year's is that time of year when we think about our resolutions for the coming year. Often they revolve around personal improvement, but last year Sheila and I made some crafting resolutions which we found easier to keep than some of the other ones we made. So, in honor of a new year approaching, here are some crafting resolutions we have come up with. Feel free to take them for your own if they fit, or make your own crafting resolutions!

*Thanks to Dan Hibbitts for sharing the photo!

Here goes...
1. Time - make time each week for some crafting, whether it is scrapbooking, stamping, sewing... remember, make time, not find time (because we all know how everything else can get in the way - work, laundry, kids)! Set aside a certain day or at least a number of hours for you to craft during the week.

2. Play - keep it fun! Even if we are grown up, we still need to play! If you are like Sheila and I, our play involves crafting, whether it is scrapbooking, stamping, paper crafting, drawing.. whatever it is you like to do. If it becomes work, then try out a new angle.

3. Share - do your crafting with a friend or share your projects long distance like Sheila and I do. Set up some projects to do with a deadline, then mail them out, or get together and share them. Share your creative talents and ideas with someone else - what you get back is so much more than what you gave.

4. Learn - resolve to try out something new this year, a new technique, learn how to use a new tool, expand your creative boundaries - stretch yourself creatively! You might get your new ideas from a sister, a friend, a magazine, a class...

5. Organize - put your thoughts and ideas in order as well as your craft space. I know I sometimes become overwhelmed by my creative clutter ( Sheila is better at keeping hers organized), and that slows down my creativity. Discover what kind of organization style works best for you. Periodically clear out the excess clutter - donate it to a good cause or hold a garage sale. Find a notebook you like the shape and feel of, alter it and make it your own, then use it to write down your ideas.

6. Join in - attend a monthly crop at your local scrapbook store, take a class, sign up for a swap, join in an online challenge. Sometimes in order to keep it fun and fresh, you need to do something new. If you are not one to attend crops or classes, there are lots of online swaps that you can join. Try out an ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap, or join in a card making challenge. Lots of times you also end up making new friends who enjoy this hobby as much as you do!

Let your creative spirit soar in 2010! Let us know what your crafting resolutions are. We'll be sharing right here on Two Crafting Sisters!

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