Thursday, December 31

The Other Side of the Story...

I have to admire you, Sheila in completing the Project 365 and the fact that you are taking it on again this year (are you nuts?) I tried, really I did, but I found out a year long project like this was just not for me! So I guess you could call mine Project 180, since I made it from January through June. It seemed like a great idea when I started, but then I guess life got in the way, I got behind and I was playing catch up a couple of months at a time. I would forget to journal, and there was no way I could remember what I really did two months ago. Maybe I will add in another 6 months some year and use mine as a comparison of what was going on in my life at different times...

I learned something important from this project though, and that is I like smaller projects that I can finish in a short period of time. So, I do like the idea of a "Week in the Life" from Ali Edwards, and will think about that to try. I am not sure why I did not like the year long Project 365. Maybe the first half of last year was overwhelming (it was), or perhaps because I am a teacher, I don't really see a "finished product" in my students...often it is years later that I hear from them. I find a lot of satisfaction in completing a "finished product" with my scrap booking like when I get a mini album done.

One of the habits I did take away with me from attempting this project is to try to take a photo a day. I will admit I do not get one every day, but I try to document more of the daily things going on in my life, not just taking the camera out for the special occasions. So, even though I did not finish (at least for this year), I did learn from the process, and I guess that is important too.

So, kudos to you Sheila! I look forward to sharing our albums when we get together next, but for now, you are on your own journey through 2010!

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  1. Maura, I like your idea of adapting Project 365 for your own needs and comparing and documenting two different years in it. I'm glad that you learned something from the project and that's what matters. And I like that we are both documenting more everyday things, each in our own way. Remember, keep it FUN!


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