Thursday, January 14

December Daily Get Together

Get ready for sharing! The December Daily class group will be gathering on Friday, February 19 at Captured Moments to share our books from 6 - 7 pm. Bring it complete, incomplete, with photos, without photos...wherever you are with it on February 19, bring it in to share and come join us to see what everyone else has (or has not) done!

I can't wait to be overwhelmed with your creativity!!

Sheila here to just say how much fun I have had with this project. This is the second year that Maura and I have documented our holiday season and I think for myself that this will become a new tradition. I hope that everyone who participated had a wonderful time! If I lived a bit closer, I would be on my way to join in the fun of sharing. We shipped our books to each other early in the week and Maura now has my book and I have her December Daily in my hands right now just waiting to be enjoyed over my morning coffee.

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