Monday, January 4

More December Daily-Sheila's View

I thought that I would share a few of my December Daily pages with you also. I chose some of the days that incorporated a fun feature or technique.

First, here is my cover for this year:

That star is a felt ornament that was on the tree in my local Starbucks. Don't be afraid to ask for things. They are usually pretty interested in what you are using it for.

Here's a peek at the insides and how full it ended up being:

Page 8 is actually a 9"x12" envelope that I cut one end off of so that it would fit in the book. I liked the sneak peek to what lay inside. It came with those holes but you could easily punch your own.

This page is made out of a Caribou Coffee bag. Just like Maura used a Starbucks bag as a page base, so did I. Great minds think alike! I loved the kraft color and the sentiment.

I had to include my love of gift cards. Here, I just punched a hole in each card and then added journaling on the backs. I love how this page turned out!

And two final ideas--I took the coffee cup sleeve and stapled the bottom so that it became a pocket. Then I tucked some photos and journaling inside. I also included our actual Advent Calendar. I took this off the refrigerator where it had been hanging and trimmed it down to size and just put it in the book as a page. I love it!

I like making the book interactive...pockets that hold tags, flaps that reveal things underneath, envelopes that open, etc. I notice when I share this type of book, everyone loves these features. Maura and I will be shipping these books off to each other soon so that we can enjoy them in person. I am looking forward to going through her book, reading about her holiday season, enjoying the photos and seeing what new techniques she has come up with. She always surprises me and I think "I wish I had thought of that." Can't wait to see what she has done this time!

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  1. I wish I had thought of that! Great ideas Sheila - now I want to add them in to mine! I guess I have to wait until next year...


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