Friday, February 5

Recipe Book

I have a love/hate relationship with how I store my handwritten recipes. I used to have them written on 4"x6" cards and kept them in a box. But then I would add in pieces of paper with recipes scribbled on them, pages torn out of magazines with recipes to try and after awhile, the box was stuffed and unmanageable.

So, I came up with this idea.

I bought inexpensive 5"x8" index cards that are blank and also the dividers. I covered the dividers with different colored cardstock, trimming the excess with an x-acto knife. Then I covered the front with a patterned paper. I punched two holes so that I could use big binder rings to hold it together.

Inside I added a bit of rubber stamping to the fronts of each divider and also to each blank recipe page.

So far, so good with this system. Quick, easy and inexpensive.


  1. Sheila,
    What a great idea! Simple and inexpensive. Do you plan to hand write the recipe cards or print them from the computer? I could see this easily making multiple recipe book gifts if you print out the recipe cards. Cool idea!

  2. OH! Please hand write... you would not believe what a wonderful treat it is to have your children, grand children... next generation and so on... read your hand-written notes! Please use your own hand-writing. Please? It means so much to read my Moms recipes now that she is gone. I know, sad, but I love them dearly!


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