Friday, March 26

Listening to scrapbooking

I am a big fan of talk radio. Some topics are not that exciting, so I thought that I would share some talk radio that I have been enjoying. Sometimes when I am working at my craft table I enjoy listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable weekly podcasts from Noell Hyman of and Nancy Nally of They have a panel of speakers and often special guests are also featured in an interview segment. Each episode is about an hour in length and is presented in a casual conversational style that is very easy to listen to. It is just like sitting at a crop chatting with friends about scrapbooking. Besides the interviews, there are also segments of scrapbook industry news, favorite product picks, and discussions of scrapbooking in general.

You can download podcasts and listen on your ipod or you can just listen right on your computer HERE. Episodes are archived on the left hand side, just be sure to scroll to the bottom for the first one.

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