Thursday, April 15

In Stitches

My sewing machine has sat in its box and in the closet for a long time. I find that if something is out of sight as far as my craft supplies, it is also out of mind. Or too much of a bother to set up and then tear down again. I am in the process of spring cleaning and reorganizing in the craft room, so it is the perfect time to actually set up the sewing machine on the other side of my craft table. I have a large square table and the other side is honestly Maura's side. Yes, I keep a side of my table ready for her at all times. I think it is wishful thinking! Well, I've decided that it is time to bring out the sewing machine and actually use it. I love the look of sewing on cards and scrapbook pages but never do it. So, I needed a quick card for Maura and had been wanting to do some zig zag work. Not too bad for the first try!


  1. I've got mail? I can't wait!! I find that I really enjoy sewing on paper, but like you say, I don't do it that often. I'll have to work on that...

  2. Sheila
    I love to sew and have only sewn on paper once or twice :( LOL, i guess I should get going. Love the card. You did a great job !!!! Watch your mailbox Maura, it may come up missing ...hahaha <3

  3. This inspires me to think of something with lace on it - visions of a girly type card, all ruffly. I too have my sewing machine in the back of the closet. I'm bringing it out!

  4. not bad at all! it's super cute! nice work!


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