Thursday, May 6

Recipe Cards

It seems like I have been sharing quite a few recipes with my neighbors lately. So, I worked on making some recipe cards this past weekend. I like to add stamped images on them and color in with colored pencils. Easy and quick to do. Plus they look cute. I just can't seem to give away a plain card anymore.

Rubber Stamps: Stampendous


  1. Lovely idea, Sheila! I would think that would be a day brightener with special thoughts of you each time the recipe is made. Our craftiness can extend to all areas of life, eh? Even cooking! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. So cute! I love making recipe cards, as well, but find that my recipes are far too long (i.e., very detailed b/c I don't remember all of the steps! LOL) to print onto just one small recipe card. I love yours, though. :)


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